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Covid 19

At Little Hands, we recognise the impact Covid 19 is having on our children and are working very closely with parents to help reintegrate their child into an educational setting.  The children have missed out on many opportunities and their social interactions have been compromised by the lockdown rules.  This requires patience and understanding from the team to help our children feel safe, valued and develop the confidence to leave their carers.

Covid Policies and Procedures

We are currently updating our procedures to ensure we are meeting the government guidelines on being Covid  safe.  Our team are trained to update their knowledge and risk assess the situation regularly so that our children are in safe hands.

Covid Agreement

All parents are required to sign a Covid agreement to understand how to keep everyone safe

Enhanced hygiene

Measures are taken to minimise the risk and spread of the infection by following a Covid Policy and procedure.  This entails increased cleaning schedules, removal of certain resources and maintaining social distancing when possible.

Covid Safe Visits

All our visitors attend on an appointment basis before or after sessions to keep all our children and staff safe.

Stay safe

We are implementing measures to keep everyone safe by regularly testing and monitoring our children for symptoms.

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